Two candidates had interviews this week and I am delighted to be able to congratulation them on being offered their jobs, both tertiary and both where they had competition to face and areas of lesser strength personally to overcome. They can be justifiably proud to have produced the right result from good old-fashioned perseverence and preparation (with a teeny bit of guidance from us too, but it’s them in the room on the day).

I always find it fascination how different people approach the prospect of interview preparation, including:

  • everybody is busy with insufficient time but only some recognise the importance of prioritising preparation
  • the good candidates focus on what they aren’t comfortable with and others focus on what they are already comfortable with!
  • everybody spends too long on their presentations!!

Assuming you are approaching a consultant interview with the intention that the post is yours for a very long time, I can’t think of a more ‘profound moment’ in life¬† – literally affecting your life course and quality of life from that point forward. Why would some people NOT want to put there all into it? This week’s candidates did what it takes and were rewarded appropriately. This week, they were justfiably life’s winners…