Comprehensive, practical course designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and insight to be successful. Getting the right job is so much more than the interview itself and so we ensure you gain the strategies necessary to place you in the best possible condition by the time your perfect job is advertised. The e-learning course is a captured open course professionally built into a fully narrated (video and audio) programme.


  • Pre-Interview visits – creating personal presence & deriving benefit
  • Understanding your consultant interview panel
  • Building rapport with interviewers
  • Effective communication skills within interviews
  • Advanced interview techniques
  • Psychological techniques for increased rapport, impact & clarity
  • Understanding the reasoning behind the question
  • Answering questions within the context of who’s asking – understanding the interviewer
  • Recognising the effects of your internal wiring on your approach to answering questions
  • Effectively structuring your answers
  • Talking about yourself & showing the real you – do & don’t guidance
  • The answers you must have – knowing what to research
  • Handling difficult or unexpected questions
  • Dealing with ethical questions
  • Dealing with political questions
  • Developing business or commercial healthcare knowledge
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Demonstrating initiative, personality, leadership and political awareness
  • Understanding your body language
  • Question practice with a 1:8 instructor-participant ratio