We recognise that you can never learn enough on the course itself and in any event we’d prefer you to concentrate on acquiring the right skills whilst gaining feedback. However, to ensure that you get the edge across all areas contributing to interview success, we give you access to protected areas of where you’ll find a myriad of resources, guidance, questions & strategies not available to the outside world. Here’s what’s included:

  • Key information about the NHS and its evolution
  • Links to all of the important information (saving you a massive amount of time)
  • Example questions with answer guidance
  • Revision synopses to ensure you retain the right information
  • CV strategies including examples and diagnostic tools
  • Pre-interview visit strategies, to ensure you maximise the benefit
  • Mental preparation exercises, to help you exude confidence
  • Presentation advice, to ensure you stand out in this area
  • Post interview diagnoses to help you improve effectiveness