The interview coaching session is just part of your preparation and so included in your coaching session fee is access to extensive preparatory resources designed to not only save you time but also to put you in far, far better condition that those you may be up against. I cannot convey more strongly the value of this additional support.

You will receive access to our password-protected interview resources which include help on writing CVs, completing the NHS application form, pre-interview visits, the interview itself, literally 100s of interview questions and a constantly updated set of links to relevant material and must-know insight. You will also be able to undertake the Consultant Interview Skills e-learning programme and the immensely powerful Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape e-learning course, absolutely vital in ensuring you know how critical changes to the NHS system might affect the type of service you are applying to. This insight is an absolute must-have.

Current additional support includes:

  • Gold Standard Consultant Interview Skills E-learning Course – Comprehensive, practical & professional, with everything you need to be successful (Read more)
  • Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape E-Learning Course –  An extensive programme covering the evolving healthcare landscape and how it affects services (Read more)
  • Psychological Profiling & Feedback – Learn how to really sell yourself in your specialty and discover any inadvertent behavioural traps (Read more)
  • Extensive Online Preparatory Resources – Access to with a huge volume of advice, questions and resources (Read more)
  • CV Guidance – Helps you construct a powerful CV that gets you invited to the table
  • Back Up Coaching – Reassuring insurance if something goes wrong (Read more)