What makes our interview coaching different?

Firstly, we do know what I’m doing! Besides authoring the highly acclaimed Oxford University Press title The Consultant Interview and having a formal coaching training from The Coaching Academy, Sara regularly short lists and sits on interview panels for consultants, both within her own service and wider. Sara’s wealth of consultant experience and Andrew’s knowledge of the NHS, influencing and behaviour makes us a very powerful team. However, the big difference is that you don’t just get coaching! We really want you to get the job and consequently, as part of our commitment to that goal, you also gain access to the following:

  • Video & audio-narrated e-learning course Consultant Interview Skills
  • Access to an extensive preparation area – massively short-cutting and improving your preparation and knowledge
  • Extensive question bank, allowing you to extend your practice
  • Access to Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape video & audio-narrated e-learning programme – absolutely essential preparation
  • Psychological assessments – enormously important in stacking the deck in your favour
  • CV advice – online advice and tools to help ensure that your CV gets you shortlisted
  • Backup coaching – if it isn’t working for whatever reason, we’ll continue to support you until it does

Prior to the session

Prior to the interview coaching session itself, you will be asked to undertake psychological profiling to look at the internal drivers of your behaviour, including communication. This is a vital component of helping you understand what might be inadvertently disconnecting you from members of your interview panel. It will provide you with tremendous help in answering questions most effectively, as well as building rapport with key players. This will be discussed during the coaching session. I will also ask you for any information you might have about the job you are applying for, as well as other preparatory information. This ensures we are highly focused in the session itself.

2 hours of 1 to 1 coaching

The coaching itself is 2 hours in duration and this is conducted by Skype video call, or occasionally face-to-face. It commences with a short practice interview to give insight into the areas requiring specific attention, provides direct feedback to help develop and hone key skills, includes exploration of the effects of internal wiring on interview outcome and the opportunity to explore issues specifically relevant to you. At the end of the session there is a further practice interview to help reinforce everything you have learned and to address any outstanding factors that could improve your chances of success.

Following the coaching session you can then access a vast amount of additional material to ensure you turn up on the day fully prepared and ahead of the pack.