Andrew and Sara work very much as a team and irrespective of who conducts the coaching session itself, we utilise our collective expertise in the preparation process and in formulating our advice. We bring different things to the table and between us we have seen and supported a great many candidates on a 1 to 1 basis, with a very high success rate of which we are justifiably proud.


“I just wanted to let you know I was successful at the interview for the Consultant job. Thank you for your expert coaching, it definitely gave me an edge. It was a unanimous decision and I actually almost enjoyed the interview at one point.

Thank you for your advice about my presentation. I reworked it and felt it made more impact.

Thanks again for your help, it was worth every penny considering what was at stake. I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues.”

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Sara has under her belt over 20 years experience as a consultant and more than 12 years in senior service leadership roles, more latterly in University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She has appointed (and rejected) many consultants in that time and seen first hand the common traps they fall into.

Sara is co-author of the prestigious title The Consultant Interview, published by Oxford University Press and has a formal coaching training from the country’s leading coaching school, The Coaching Academy.

Besides her unbeatable credentials in interview insight and preparation, she has also been a very active member of the leadership faculty of Academyst LLP and Editor-in-Chief of two journals; The Consultant and Clinical Career. This depth and breadth of relevant experience is undoubtedly why she has such an enviable success rate.

Sara’s Background

  • Acute specialty consultant of more than 20 years’ service (as a Neonatologist)
  • Clinical Director/Chief of Service for 12+ years (more than one Trust!)
  • Clinical Lead for a Managed Clinical Network for 2 years
  • Educational supervisor and College Tutor for many years
  • Direct experience of mindset-based research on 2,500+ physicians
  • Specialises in leadership & management development for senior clinical staff with a special interest in workforce reform, change & collaboration
  • Grow Medical & Academyst Lead for Revalidation
  • Author of The Consultant Interview (Oxford University Press)
  • Formal training from The Coaching Academy
  • MBTI & FIRO-B qualified



Andrew is Partner at both Academyst and Grow Medical, a behaviour & influencing specialist and creator of the renowned body of work known as Insights, utilised by many Trusts to develop depth of insight into the NHS and how it is changing. He is particularly adept at spotting where candidates ideological views or system misunderstandings lead to them alienating different panel members.

Andrew is also co-author of the prestigious title The Consultant Interview, published by Oxford University Press and also has a coaching training from the country’s leading coaching school, The Coaching Academy.

Andrew’s career started in pharmaceuticals, culminating in an International senior management responsibility for a division with a turnover of some $200+ million and a huge international workforce of immense cultural diversity. A vigorous writer, he is an Oxford University Press author and has an MBA (with Distinction – very proud…) from Manchester. However, despite his academic credentials, it is his huge breadth and depth of experiences from across the UK healthcare arena that he brings to the table, along with a no nonsense approach to raising the real issues.

Andrew’s Background

  • The driving force and passion behind the company and personally driven by really making healthcare work by addressing its true challenges including (especially) the leadership and behaviour ones
  • Background in senior management in healthcare-related business
  • MBA, with Distinction (from Manchester… very proud)
  • Extensive insight into the emerging healthcare landscape, what’s
    driving it and what it means for Trusts, Services & Individuals
  • Special interest in the drivers of and influences on behaviour, motivation & morale
  • Specialist in authentic, productive leadership of health services in the modern, competitive healthcare economy
  • Provides consultancy in complex, human performance related areas
  • MBTI®, SDI®, FIRO-B® Accredited
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing (a long time ago…)
  • Author, Oxford University Press